I need you so much closer

I'm wearing this amazing hi-low top from The Editor's Market, which is a store from Singapore that carries big brands like Wildfox and UNIF amongst others, and also their own line. They have a cool discount program where the more items you buy, the cheaper each item is. Sounds confusing but it's really easy to get a hang of! It was so perfect that this day was super breezy in the wetlands because the wind really played around with the hem and it looked extra good when I walked around. I'm also wearing a necklace gifted to me by Snatch N Feathers! They're a handmade jewelry company surprisingly local to me and the two pieces they sent me are my favorite pieces of jewelry right now. The one I'm wearing in these photos is a triangle made out of black metal on a black metal chain. The corners of the triangle are held together by gold links and dangling from the middle is a gold skull with a moving jaw!! The quality and attention to detail is amazing. Links to both stores are below, check them out!

necklace c/o Snatch N Feathers
shorts by Forever 21
boots by Nine West
35 mm film photos by Edward Pepper


  1. It's amazing how you can pull off all different kinds of clothes. :)

  2. Your style & fashion sense are amazing!
    I was wondering if you wouldn't mind posting about your tattoos some time? Like the meaning for each one if there is or why you got one or the other. Just thought it'd be interesting to read about (:

  3. Much love,
    "You have a cool blog!

  4. love your hair and outfit, goes together seamlessly!