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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Stand Up for Racial Justice

This weekend saw hundreds of "alt-righters" (although I loathe that term, because let's be real, we're talking some literal Nazis and Klan members) marching through Charlottesville, Virgina Friday night. White supremacists banded together under chants of hatred, tiki torches ablaze.

Saturday, counterprotestors gathered in preparation for part two of the "Unite the Right" alt-right rally. A grey Dodge Challenger shot down a crowded street at high speed and rammed into a crowd of counterprotestors. It then backed out of the street immediately. The suspect was arrested later that afternoon. Heather Heyer died in the attack.

This is a time when Nazis and the KKK no longer feel a need to explore their hatred in secrecy. They march in our streets--proudly, openly, and sans hoods.

This weekend proved that it doesn't take the threat of a nuclear war for POC to feel like they can die at any given moment. Protect your POC and Jewish friends. Educate the people around you. The time for being a moderate and not wanting the rock the boat is over. Making a difference doesn't mean you need to march every day or donate tens of thousands of dollars. That's not feasible to some of us who need to work daily, or aren't able-bodied, or live on a budget. We can do good in our lives by sending a few bucks to causes that speak to us and sitting down and talking to our racist/misguided friends (Showing Up For Racial Justice has their entire site dedicated to facilitating this conversation).

Here are some ways to support from afar via donations:

- The NAACP in Charlottesville

- Beloved Community, a direct response created to counter Unite the Right's rally (UPDATE: The pledge has been successfully completed, and the site is updated with other organizations to donate to).

- Black Lives Matter Charlottesville

- Legal Aid Justice Center, which provides legal representation to lower income incomes in Virgina.

- Charlottesville Solidarity Legal Fund, a community resource for anti-racism activism in Charlottesville.

- Medical Fund for Comrades in Cville, a GoFundMe created to support the medical bills of those wounded in the counterprotests.

- I'm happy to say Heather Heyer's GoFundMe goal was met, but there is one other that I'd like to present. A young Black mother/full-time student's car was hit and totaled in the attack on counterprotestors Saturday. As we all know, having a means of transportation is crucial to upward mobility. She is emotionally, physically, and financially injured, and not only did she have her car destroyed, she is also missing a considerable amount of work. Please donate here to show her support.

Thanks for reading, y'all. Let's make this world better.

Special thanks to Allie Kelley (Insta here and Twitter here) for her illustration.



Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Parisian Flair

A new look for the style file. I'm embracing the feminine and dark sides of me with this look. Part of me feels like I'm a little jealous of my friend Francis' huge Eurotrip and I'm trying to live vicariously through this vibe. I'll take what I can get.

I've been super into metallic pleated skirts as of late. I wanted to be extra-femme this day, so I paired it with a ruffle top and nice boots, but my favorite way to style it is with a vintage band tee and some scuffed-up combat boots. I adore the juxtaposition of grungy and polished. Hopefully you'll get to see it styled that way on the blog soon...whenever I find the *perfect* vintage tee.

Skinny Dip sunglasses / L'Agence top / Glamorous skirt / Missguided boots


Monday, August 7, 2017

Cozy Bedroom Corners with Viyet

On this dark, dreary, rainy day stuck at home, I've decided to snap a few photos of my cozy bedroom corners to show you! Don't get too excited--these photos really showcase how minuscule NYC apartments are (and mine is bigger than a lot of my friends'!).
Trying to decorate a shoebox-sized apartment (compared to my last place, the DTLA loft) is a proper nightmare. I've quickly learned that building *up* is key for storage--similar to real estate here, I suppose--so I was faced with the challenge of finding chic apartment furniture that doubles as both decor and storage.

I'm also decidedly over the IKEA furniture phase, for the most part. I'm an adult, goddammit, and I should be investing in quality pieces! But contrarily, I'm not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman and I can't afford to drop tens of thousands on furnishing my home.

I was lucky to discover Viyet a leader in luxury consignment furniture (through a targeted Facebook ad, actually). It's an e-tailer where you can buy and sell designer furniture...perfect for an almost-grown-up like me. I found countless exquisite pieces in pristine condition at a small fraction of the original cost, and with payment plans available. Viyet is such an innovative business filling a need that I'm sure a lot of us have. And of course, all pieces are delivered with their white glove delivery service.
Check out Viyet's listings here!

Also, they're currently running a contest where if you sign up for their newsletter, you are entered to win $3000 worth of furniture! Free furniture never hurt anybody. ;)


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Nature Queen

My journey to natural hair (in both color and the lack of extensions) hasn't been an easy one. I had been bleaching and dyeing my hair for 13 years before I went back to black a few months ago. I definitely pushed the boundaries of what my hair could handle, and I saw a lot of hair loss over the years.

Finding haircare solutions for thinning hair is no easy task. There is an overwhelming number of options out on the market--all claiming to do a plethora of things and many failing to deliver.

Luckily, I found Nature Queen, a brand new Asian beauty-inspired haircare line. You know Asian skincare to be industry-leading, with its age-old formulas and cutting-edge technology. So why shouldn't the Asian beauty craze extend to haircare? Nature Queen fills a niche that desperately needed filling: haircare formulated with ancient Asian healing herbs (nine types, to be exact) that have been used for hundreds of years.

I really appreciate the founder's story as well. She was a chemist suffering from postpartum hair loss and needed a haircare regimen that promoted hair growth and scalp health without harmful ingredients like paraben, GMOs, sodium lauryl sulfate (which dries out your hair and scalp), and artifical colors and fragrances (the only fragrances you smell in Nature Queen are the essential oils). She couldn't find one, so she made it herself.

And I can personally attest to its hair magic. Using Nature Queen, taking biotin, and not using hot tools on my hair has made it grow like a weed. You've probably noticed I don't even wear my clip-in extensions anymore!

The cherry on top of this perfect package is that all ingredients are sustainable and come directly from the earth, and the packaging is 100% recyclable. Conscious consumerism is my jam.

Discover the Nature Queen line for yourself here.


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Pacsafe in Cuba

One country. Two bags. Three different ways.

Most of my bags (sans backpacks) are super cute but not very functional--some can fit only my phone and maybe a lipstick, some close with only one small and weak magnet, and some are fitted with cute but thin straps that don't feel very secure.

Traveling was synonymous with lugging around an ugly, bulky backpack, because there are surprisingly few brands that marry fashion with function. Until now.

Pacsafe is a brand I've newly discovered that is a wanderer's dream. Their mission is to make our lives easier, so we can explore the world with one less, albeit huge, worry. Their bags have pickpocket-proof design, RFID-blocking technology (so passersby can't scan your credit cards from the outside and copy your payment info), turn-and-lock security hooks (so your bag can't be easily unclipped), and cut-resistant technology (so nobody can cut your straps or slash the bottom of your purse).

I chose two bags from their new Citysafe CX collection to take on my Cuba trip (this isn't to say I didn't feel safe in Cuba--the people of Cuba were actually very honest and lovely). On every getaway, it's usually tough trying to pack as light as possible but be as stylish as possible. I found the task easy with this carry-all tote that took me from shopping trips to beach days, and this convertible backpack that turned from a two-strapped backpack to a messenger bag to a PURSE.

I wanted to show you one of many unique, ingenious features Pacsafe utilizes.

Here you'll see how the zipper is secured to the bag. It's impossible to quickly zip open to access the bag's contents.

Sliding the bar at the top of the ring frees the zippers from its hold. This was actually difficult for even me to figure out at first without instructions, so a thief likely cannot figure it out in the split second opportunity they have to rob you.

Even when the zippers are free from the ring, they are interlocked. They need to be unhooked from each other before accessing the bag.

I am so about this brand! I really adore a quality brand that serves a unique purpose and does it with this much style. I didn't realize how much of my time traveling is spent worried about being pickpocketed--my hand is usually absentmindedly covering my bag's zipper pulls, or I'll wear my backpack at my front so I can guard it better. Pacsafe made it easy for me to relax and just enjoy myself.

Find my all-purpose tote here and my convertible backpack here in all colorways. You'll be a believer, too!

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