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Friday, December 9, 2016

Fragrance Friday: Marc Jacobs Decadence

This fragrance just screams me. Topped with Italian plum, saffron, and iris, it's delicately fruity and first whiff. Then you realize the scent opens up into a sultry heart of rose, jasmine, and orris root. But my favorite part about this is the strong base of liquid amber, papyrus woods, and vetiver (god, do I adore vetiver!).

The packaging? A new twist on stashing your signature scent in your purse. Marc Jacobs Fragrances takes it to the next (very meta) level by making its already stylish, coveted bottle concepts into a statement to be displayed proudly any which way you like.

The concept? A scent for the ages. "Daisy" showed us the sweet girl next door. "Lola" showed us the quirky, cool chick. "Decadence" is all grown up and here to stay, a real-life sophisticate.

Emulating opulence, glamour, and fashion, Decadence is a signature scent you won't be able to quit. I haven't been this excited about a scent in a while.

Marc Jacobs Decadence available here.

Photography by Spencer Kohn

This post was created in collaboration with Marc Jacobs Fragrances.


Friday, November 18, 2016

Be Tempted

A new obsession from your friendly neighborhood lingerie addict, featuring b.tempt'd skivvies. 

Don't you hate it when you have a really cute top you want to wear, but all your bras show underneath it? It just looks messy and can take away from an otherwise polished look. 

My recent acquisitions from them include this unique racerback front-close bra. The front works with challenging necklines, the back works with shoulder-baring racerback tops, and the front clasp gives you a little extra cleavage boost without uncomfortable underwire. 

  They somehow achieve a full-coverage, supportive bra without leaving it looking matronly. No sex appeal was sacrificed in the making of this bra. 

  I love how b.tempt'd combines stylish lingerie with practicality and comfort. 

Wanna snag a set of your own? Check out the bralette and panty I'm wearing in these photos, and the rest of their line here.

Photography by Noel McGrath


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Absolut Electrik

This past weekend, I flew from a work trip in SF back home to NYC to celebrate a momentous occasion with Absolut: the return of their limited edition electric blue bottle, Absolut Electrik, which means it's *finally* holiday season once again.

With Absolut being known for constantly pushing the boundaries of nightlife, this holiday season, they drew inspiration from the Electrik bottle to infuse social electricity and connectivity into nightlife.

Starting November 4th, Absolut is giving nightlife lovers all across the U.S. (New York, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Las Vegas) the chance to make new connections in their respective cities. If you’re in one of these cities, check out Absolut’s Facebook page for details on your chance to have an unexpected night out, sponsored by Absolut.

You'll have the chance to be paired up with fellow partygoers (and hopefully future friends) for nights of music, dancing, and, of course, Absolut cocktails--all while making efforts to get you home safely.

Here’s how my night went: I rode in my Electrik Lyft Line and made new friends, Talun and Anthony. We played fun icebreaker games on the way to the event; I think the fact that none of us knew each other, nor what to expect, made the excitement for the night so much greater.

Upon entering, we were given a wristband, drink tickets, and a tour of the space. I love events that aren't just about partying and are about an experience as a whole. There were art installations, a photobooth that projected photos onto the wall, an interactive dance floor, and even disco ball-headed men who'd dance with you.

Cash Cash was headlining and threw down an amazing set. I don't think there was a single person in that whole room who wasn't dancing. I rarely see a whole room this into a party.

Just like Absolut intended, I left the party with good memories, new friends, and a safe ride home with Lyft. 

Curious about how to get into your city's Absolut Electrik party? Check out their Facebook page for specific details.  And if you want to order a bottle of your own, you can snag one here.

This post was created in partnership with Absolut. Enjoy responsibly. 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Asian Fashion

A downside to changing my hair all the time is that my blog posts are always lagging behind, haha. Please bear with the brown hair for the next few posts.

It's finally fall in New York, which means long sleeves, sweaters, and layers are in order! We're still in the awkward crisp-but-not-cold stage, so I bared a bit of skin in some places while covering up others.

I'm fitted in clothing I got during my Asia excursion--beret from Seoul, shorts from Kuala Lumpur, and duster from Bali. As far as contemporary fashion goes, I think Asians and Australians do it best. I'm especially in love with the ombré duster I got during my shopping spree at Religion Clothing's flagship store. I love anything B&W with dramatic movement.

I'm looking forward to experiencing seasons once again, but I'm not looking forward to being a human marshmallow in puffy coats around the clock! Any pointers for staying cute this winter?


Religion duster / Public Desire boots / 2020AVE choker

Photography by Bri Elledge


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Qlippie Live

Move over GoPro, there's a new, stylish competitor in town.

Meet Qlippie, the new clippable livestream HD camera. Complete with a wide angle Sony CMOS-R lens and a variety of customizing stickers, this camera is the perfect fashionable companion for the lifestyle blogger and everyday consumer alike.

The clip makes it completely hands-free and ready to take on all your adventures. No need for mounts, tripods, etc.! It's basically a bodycam to-go.

The wide angle Sony CMOS-R lens makes it easy to capture all of life's greatest moments in high definition. Qlippie's free app shows you a live feed of what your camera sees, and facilitates capturing photo, video, slow motion, and livestreaming. You can also edit your content, right in the app.

I, of course, chose the black marble sticker to customize my Qlippie. It really complements my outfits! I didn't mind leaving mine on all day because its sleek, light profile makes it so much more beautiful than its bulky and less attractive competitors.

Check out Qlippie for yourself here, and don't forget to jump on the special early bird price through their Indiegogo--the promotion won't last for long.

This post was created in partnership with @qlippieworld. Thanks Qlippie for providing me with my new travel camera! #qlippieworld #qlippielive

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