X-Ray Baby

So this is me, chilling at an abandoned house with Eddie Pepper. It was a decrepit little thing in horrible disrepair and had a crazy amount of weeds everywhere and mason jars filled with murky green liquid and floating objects (I imagined them to be fetuses). Yeah, definitely glad I didn't come here during nighttime. While we were exploring the backyard, I guess the door to the backyard closed, which was bad because the only way out is to open the latch on the outside. It's a good thing Eddie is like 6 and a half feet tall and scaled the huge wall pretty limberly. Anyway, on to my outfit post! I'm wearing a sick spiked beanie by MYVL. Its tagline is, "Makes your basic beanie look like a beanie baby." Very fitting. My dress is by Neon Saints. I love the Wildfox "Death Becomes Her" sweaters and this piece looks similar, except it's in awesome dress form. Plus it's super affordable! Check out the links to the stores below!

x-ray dress by Neon Saints
not a basic beanie by MYVL
shoes by Harley Davidson
photos by Edward Pepper

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