Me and God, we don't get along ✞

Wahhhhh I'm so in love with this faux leather pinafore from Dragonberry of Australia! The faux leather is soft and buttery and doesn't feel plasticky at all, and I love how it's body-shaped, not just cut straight. My choker is also from Dragonberry, what a great pair. ^_^ That's my Prius's butt photobombing my pictures btw haha.


I just finished my hardest final! I only have one more final to go and then I'm set for summer break! I'm going to spend a long time just hibernating in my room with my dogs and books. It's been nonstop busy for me for a long time and I'm in dire need of some me time. Speaking of which, do you have any book recs? Send 'em on ova!

faux leather pinafore c/o Dragonberry
choker c/o Dragonberry
crop tee c/o O-Mighty
finger ring c/o Mod4rn Trend
shoes by UNIF
photos by Edward Pepper


  1. the choker is so dope!

  2. LOVE this look! Cute yet still totally badass. As far as book recommendations go, I just started reading "Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn and am totally hooked! It's sort of a drama/mystery thriller. give it a try ;)