My 23rd birthday!

The first couple photos are from my house party in Orange County! It was 90s themed--anything 90s! There was a great turnout, too much Hennessy, a live DJ courtesy of DJ Josh Smiles of Inviscus, and my boyfriend surprised me with a huuuuuuge pizza at the end. LUV

The next night, I had my birthday celebration at Lexington Social House in Hollywood. Lucas and Juan of Creative Source Group provided a table with unlimited bottle service, and surprised me with an announcement, confetti popping, 2 trays of cupcakes, and tons of champagne!

I know at this point I should be burned out but I actually have a flight out to North Carolina today (my actual birthday date) for my second birthday weekend. Which reminds me, I better start packing.

house party photos by Edward Pepper
club party photos by Scooby Miranda


  1. where is your my little pony dress from?

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