Cheer Up

HI! Long time no see! Once again, my workload was crazy and I didn't have time left to blog for over a week. Same story, different day. I legitimately have a good reason--I GOT A NEW JOB! My third job, actually. Yep, you read that right! I always had 2 jobs + 2 side thingies (blogging and modeling) but now I'll definitely have a full plate all week. I felt kind of odd being on summer vacation from school and having two free days. I love to always be productive. This new job presented itself to me, instead of me looking for it, and I really think it's perfect for me (and I for it). I know I have all the tools in me to succeed but I never actually applied them for something like this so I'm both confident and scared at the same time. Maybe "anxious" is a better word. If you're wondering what it is, I'm going to be the marketing director for a clothing company's headquarters. I'll reveal deets in the near future. :)


Cheer Up! Clothing sent me this cute dress and backpack from their S/S/ '13 line. I'm suuuper obsessed with resort prints right now so I totally fell in love. This dress looks like a tropical-print tank + black skater skirt and it's easy to wear, swingy, and I've worn it day to night. The backpack was my fave from this collection. It has a minimalist safari print, faux leather accents in all the right spots, and zebra print lining! So rad! Peep their lookbook HERE.

dress c/o Cheer Up! Clothing
rucksack c/o Cheer Up! Clothing
hat c/o Yours Truly
35mm film photos by Edward Pepper


  1. I appreciate your organility

  2. Congrats on your new job! I love the film shots

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