Friday, June 21, 2013

Je voudrais te dessiner dans un désert

Dress of the hour. This beautiful dress was gifted to me by Mustard Cartel and it's my favorite maxi dress. It's of a snakeskin print and has the sexiest back. I wear it with no bra and it's fine! Nothing shows and surprisingly the straps don't move and everything stays covered the way it should! I'm also wearing my leather/metal/crystal necklace, a masterpiece from Love + Leather. I'm sure you guys have already noticed but I wear this necklace all the time. It's on my list of top 3 personal staples right now. You definitely need one in your life; there are lots of styles to choose from!


I can't sleep! I just finished prepping for my little getaway this weekend to Las Vegas for EDC/parties/clubs/strangely also my stepdad's birthday (he owns a condo there). I haven't been to an EDM event in 2-3 years so it's like a new experience all over again. Exciting! Hope to run into you guys there. ^-^

dress c/o Mustard Cartel
necklace c/o Love + Leather
35mm film photos by Edward Pepper



  1. such a lovely dress ♥

  2. Stunning shots! You look like a mermaid. :)


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