The one in front of the gun lives forever

Wearing this beautiful maxi skirt again! I've been wearing it a lot recently because it goes so well with ALL of my crop tops. A lot of my friends bought it too after seeing how great it looked in person! It's from Gypsy Warrior's own label. I paired it with this rad gun crop top from Glittered Bones. It's bad to the bone AND only $15--what's not to love?

top c/o Glittered Bones
skirt c/o Gypsy Warrior
shoes by Jeffrey Campbell
photos by Randy Tran


  1. I have a similar skirt so may have to try and match it with more crop tops now...
    Love the outfit c:

    Cute to the Fashion

  2. it's missing a big bright gold necklace :)

  3. Agree with the comment above, that would just be perf :D though i must say your hair is veeery Beautiful!! :)