Mermaid Noir

I'm not a big wearer of leggings. I actually don't like most of them. However, these leggings are amazing! Not only does the color go perfectly with a lot of clothing that I own that I would wear with leggings (i.e. drapey black garments), they're in a freaking mermaid scale print so I can pretend like I'm a mermaid on land with two legs. Funny story: I asked jL, the designer of Black Milk, to make mermaid scale leggings a few years ago back when the community was a lot smaller and he would personally respond to questions and comments and I guess it wasn't in the cards for them. Fast forward to the present and I got these beauties gifted to me by Poprageous! Funny how things work out! These leggings are comfortable, stretchy, and have a pretty, slightly rainbow shimmer that shines with your every movement.

The top I'm wearing with these leggings is the O'Mighty cage bralette. I finally got my hands on one, yay! I've been loving this piece from afar for a while. It's really soft and comfortable. But be warned! If you're someone who needs a lot of support, it's probably not right for you unless you wear something supportive under. This bralette has little support, hence my underboob (I don't mind a bit of underboob but you might). Nothing will show because it has good coverage, but it just doesn't have support. If you're smaller-chested, you'll be fine. Plus it has padding, so you really don't need to wear anything underneath!

I'm wearing a mesh long sleeve hoodie from BARE over all this! I'm sold on anything with an oversized hood, especially if it's black, and this one is perfect for wearing cute tops underneath that you don't want to cover up. You can roll/fold up the sleeves or leave them down. I also love the cage-like detail on the sleeves. And the sleeves are almost a batwing cut! This is such a stylish piece.

cage bralette c/o O'Mighty
mermaid noir leggings c/o Poprageous
shoes c/o Wasteland
photos by Randy Tran


  1. Your hair looks so good! And the location is amazing, where did you shoot this?

  2. Wow those leggings are super cool, your hair goes well with a mermaid look

    Cute to the Fashion

  3. I love those leggings! Probably going to end up getting a pair for myself if I'm brave enough to wear them around.
    P.S. congrats on 30k followers on instagram <3

  4. gorgeous outfit and omg that jumper is a genius creation and is awesome!

    Hayley xx