This Is Bat Country

Tropical print once again! This beauty is by Motel and looks (to me) half palm tree, half weed leaf, all awesome. It can be worn normally but I decided to leave one or two buttons undone and tie the shirt together. You could probably turn it into a cool crop top this way if you decide to tie the shirt up even higher. It's a sleeveless top and the "cuffs" come permanently cuffed so you don't have to worry about rolling them up constantly, and it's made from a really light, breathable material--perfect for this heat! I can see myself wearing it to outdoor dinner parties or worn open over my One Teaspoon Eagles Shadow bikini by the pool. The chain necklace I'm wearing on top was gifted to me by Abstrakt LA. They have super cute accessories (and just came out with a line of tops) and everything is really affordable. This necklace goes with anything and it's only 12 bucks. This skirt was another buy from 90s Lullaby's Independence Day sale. I usually really dislike form-fitting black miniskirts but this one caught my eye because it has a 45 degree cut at the hem and I'm such a sucker for geometry, if you couldn't already tell from my tattoos and the like. It looks amazing on! I'm so glad I got it. The hem is super interesting and eye-catching and the cut makes the skirt show a tiny bit more skin but only in one spot, so it's flirty but under control. Right now it's on super sale for only $13.50!

top c/o Motel
necklace c/o Abstrakt LA
skirt by 90s Lullaby
shoes c/o 2020AVE
photos by Edward Pepper

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