Unicorn Puke

This outfit was from my day at the park a while back! The top is by This Is A Love Song. You've probably seen it before, it's all over the interwebz! It's probably their most iconic piece. You can wear it out or to the gym/jogging. And they even have a bikini set available! It's actually insanely supportive and there's no need to wear anything underneath it. The fabric is thick to cover all your bits and the back is elastic for a comfortable fit. Most people pair this with jeans or pants so I decided to go a crazier route and pair it with my O'Mighty Unicorn Puke skirt. I mean, the name alone has you sold on it! I love this skirt because it's rainbow and simple so it goes with everything and can make any potentially dull outfit so much better. And last but not least, I'm wearing Hellbounds in Mermaid. I miss wearing them all the time. They made me forget how vertically challenged I am. T_T

top c/o This Is A Love Song
skirt c/o O'Mighty
shoes by UNIF
photos by Randy Tran


  1. you look amazing <3

    Hayley xx

  2. I like this style, I like the skirt, that remind me a picture I've done lately, kind of same high skirt on www.bluejeanswhiteshirt.com