Blue jeans, white shirt

My favorite artist ever is Salvador Dali. I even traveled to Paris to visit Espace Dali, a little museum chock-full of his works. This tee by Neoclassics killllllllled me because it's so amazing and Dali-inspired.

Those are two of his original works, both of which I have printed on wood, purchased from Espace Dali :D

The tee is in a loose, comfortable boyfriend cut and is a little destroyed around the edges. Looks perfectly worn in. I like to tie it in a little knot sometimes if I want to show the pants I'm wearing. These pants in particular are a pair of destroyed denim from 2020AVE! It's super hard to find pants that fit me so imagine my relief when these cool jeans came in my size! I love that they're acid washed and super destroyed. I'm gonna wear these with all my vintage tees. I'm also wearing AbstraktLA jewelry. Their v-dip midi ring looks so elegant on the knuckle, and the double band ring set comes with a set of two rings to wear however you want. In this case, I made one a regular ring and one a midi ring for the same finger.

And last but not least, my shoes are vintage Chanel sneakers. They were my late grandmother's. :) 

top c/o Neoclassics
jeans c/o 2020AVE
v-dip midi ring by AbstraktLA
double band ring set by AbstraktLA
shoes by Chanel
photos by Edward Pepper

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  1. omg those jeans are perfect! gorgeous chic and casual outfit you look awesome as always :)

    Hayley xx