Monday, and I'm back on the grind. Luckily, I have this tee to tell the world how I feel about today. It's from Fig & Viper, a clothing brand straight from Japan! Their Japanese site is up and their international site is currently under construction. This tee is cropped, has cuffed sleeves, and "MONDAY SUCKS." in varsity block font. Love it. I went with the rebel schoolgirl vibe and paired the shirt with these AWESOME tartan pants, aptly titled "Mess Hall Pants". They have a relaxed harem fit and are handmade with a ton of attention to detail: tapered legs, elastic waist for a super comfy fit, and faux leather trim on the pockets. I believe she has a very limited supply of fabric for a couple more pairs and then that's it, so get on that stat if you want to snag a pair!

My cap is the Beauty Forever / Karmaloop exclusive collaboration. I love cheetah print and I love unique snapbacks so this was a winner for me. It says "NASTIER" in big bold letters (can I get a hell yeah?) and there's cheetah print on the underside of the bill! A perfect peep of cheetah print. I just had to wear a pair of badass combat boots with this outfit, and this pair in particular is from T.U.K. They were so sweet; these boots were the pair I wanted originally but they were sold out of them at the time. They sent me my #2 pick (the red combat boots in a previous outfit) and sent me these once the new shipment came in. Awesome customer service. I love the skull and crossbone detail on these boots. They make me want to rip up black vintage tees and spike my hair in a fauxhawk again.

monday sucks. crop tee c/o Fig & Viper
mess hall pants c/o Alyssmn
nastier snapback c/o Karmaloop
thrifted scarf from Goodwill
boots c/o T.U.K.
photos by Randy Tran


  1. awesome outfit! You look amazing. I have my eye on some red tartan pants right now and i reaallly want them :P

    Hayley xx

  2. A "hell yeah" and a stroke for the feral creature to upgrade Monday a notch. With luck it'll stop you holding up the 7-11 you look about to run up on ;)

  3. Love the whole outfit but my favourite piece is the bag which you didn't label :(

    The Fashann Monster

  4. I love those pants!

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