The girl was bad, the girl was dangerous

I love This Is A Love Song and their funky twists on classic pieces. They're based in beautiful, paradise-like Bali and their line is inspired by music, love, and good times. They love the spirit of festivals and always keep festival goers in mind when designing their pieces. They even throw parties under the name Love In Tents. I'm pretty sure you get a grasp of the freespirited and loving vibe they have.

With that said, I think their newest line is my favorite of them all! Sleek shapes and minimalist takes on their funkier summer vibes make for a simple yet striking line. In this post is a couple of their funkier things. When I received this hat, I got SUCH a huge positive reaction from guys and girls alike! It's the best quality snapback I own. It has different textures, is made of genuine leather, and has silver-plated letters. Freakin' perfect. It also comes in the word "RAD". I wear mine everywhere and I get so many compliments. And let's talk about this jersey. Because oh my god, I was not expecting a custom "FERAL" jersey! I can't imagine how long it took to make this, it's so amazing!! The original one says "MEOW", comes in both black and white, and is just as cool (as long as your name isn't Feral too). It's sequined perfection on a mesh base with opaque cotton sleeves.

Check out their whole line HERE and snag a couple goodies of your own before they sell out! They're known to sell out quick. Keep an eye out for their restocks!

BAD snapback c/o This Is A Love Song
FERAL jersey c/o This Is A Love Song
photos by Randy Tran

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  1. love it! You are awesome :D

    Hayley xx