Missing out

This outfit turned out to be one of my favorites of the week. This crop top overlaps itself in the front and looks like leather but feels like a fabric, and it's lined! This skirt is white and reveals panels of black at the sides. You know how I love my geometry and angles so I thought this looked really awesome. This simple black cardigan took my outfit from day to night and it was cool playing around with the cardigan because there were so many different ways I could wear it. It's silky and lightweight; I've been wearing it with most of my outfits in NY when I don't want to lug around a heavy leather jacket. It's become a definite staple. This headpiece is my FAVORITE thing in my suitcase right now. It's by Cult Gaia. Cult Gaia is quite possible the premier name in flower crowns and trendsetters in their own right. They throw flower parties at festivals like Coachella, ahhh super cute. But they don't just make flower crowns. Take this crown for instance. It's real leather and has wire inside so you can bend it to look myriad of ways. My personal favorite is sticking the ends straight up to look like a bunny rabbit. I've been wearing it with really nice dresses and the like because the leather is classy and turns my outfit up a notch. And of course, it comes with a golden metal Cult Gaia tag sewn into the nape of the neck area.

Forgive me for wearing these shoes for like a week in a row. I've been exploring styling them in every possible way--I never wanna take them off!

missed out skirt c/o Andrati
leather turband c/o Cult Gaia
mulder boot by Jeffrey Campbell
photos by Randy Tran


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  2. I'm so jelly for your cult gaia ears <33
    And dang all the geometry in your outfit is impressive !

  3. Really loving this look, it's surprising what you can do with black and white clothing <3

    Cute to the Fashion

  4. awesome outfit i feckin love those jeffrey campbells!

    Hayley xx

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