Monday, October 14, 2013

Warm Hues

Forever 21 top. Three Of Something skirt. Karmaloop clutch. 8 Other Reasons earrings. Senso heels.

When I was a kid, pink was my favorite color because from the moment I was born, I was immersed in pink everything; it was pushed on to me to be my favorite color. When I became a teenager, pink was my least favorite color because it was pushed on to me to be my favorite color. Fast forward to present day and I love pink again because it's just a really amazing shade! I've been experimenting with print-mixing/making my whole outfit a single color a lot more than usual recently, and these pieces make this particular foray a breeze. I hadn't planned on shooting this outfit, but when I stumbled upon this gorgeous yellow wall that coordinated so well with the warm hues of my outfit, how could I not?


photos by Jeff F.



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