feeling good

The Skandl Zaneta jacket (c/o). The Skandl Elvira thermal maxi (c/o). The Skandl tusk necklace (c/o).

Hey guys! I'm back! I'm alive!! I made it through my hardest final...and...I THINK I ACED IT. It was exhilarating just flying through the questions; I'm so happy I could scream.
I'm gonna scream.

I still have 2 more finals but they're not that difficult, so it's easy sailing from here on out. That's why I have the time to post this beautiful outfit, finally! This coat is my FAVORITE coat right now. Yes, favorite. Reason being that's it's near-impossible to find a coat of this quality at this price. The shape is perfect and the cuts are finished; I've seen way too many sloppily chopped up shearling coats this season :( and I love that it's lined with fleece and not the cheap fuzzy lining. It's made from vegan leather, but not the squeaky, plastic-smelling kind. Super lush. I'm wearing an essential long sleeve thermal maxi dress underneath that I got in a medium for a slightly relaxed fit, and an elegant gold "tusk" necklace that has the sleek and beautiful shape of a tusk without the cruelty. All these items are from The Skandl, a super rad online boutique that carries a wide range of styles so you can mix and match like I did here!

P.S. Doesn't the last photo look like a Drake album cover? No? Maybe it's just me...

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photos by Randy Tran


  1. Amazing jacket
    I have a similar one from New Look

    xo' M

  2. Congrats on your exam! You must be a smart cookie
    And the maxi dress really suits you, the necklace is really unique and edgy =)


    Miss Eliza WonDerland

  3. I love how your wore a maxi with a leather jacket & the necklaces really finish off the look but I don't get the Drake pictures? That is his newest (& amazing) album NWTS, or is it a joke & I'm just really slow? Haha

    The Fashann Monster

    1. Haha I was saying that my last photo looked similar to the album cover :)

  4. So beautiful! Love the maxi with that jacket. x