birth death sex war

Joyrich tee via Luv B. 2020AVE pants. 2020AVE necklace. This Is A Love Song hat. Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

Pros of moving: Newer and better space, fresh surroundings, and inspiring atmosphere. Cons of moving: Moving itself and never having any clothes to wear because they're all packed up or disorganized. Thus, we see here a product of having a temporarily limited closet--the recycling of pieces I've worn a day or two before. I got this tee and was wowed by it right away; it's better than I imagined from photos. It's oversized yet perfectly cut so it doesn't look like it's eating you alive and has a high-low hem for that asymmetric goodness. And helloooo, it has iconic Keith Haring art all over it! I styled it with what I had left in my old place and my car (which I quite enjoyed as a styling challenge), but strangely enough, it turned out being the best possible outfit I could've conjured up anyhow.

photos by Edward Pepper