Monday, March 17, 2014

back to basics

Shady's Closet tee. 2020AVE jeans. Birkenstock shoes via Tilted Sole. Baggu backpack via Sway Chic.

My quintessential jeans-and-a-tee pieces have been on heavy rotation. I'm a girl who has too much to do and too little time to do it, so nowadays I have been throwing on the comfiest of outfits + my Birkenstocks, tossing all my necessities in my Baggu backpack, and jetting out the door. I have even worn similar getups to night events and have managed to look coolly casual, like I meant to be perfectly underdressed. The key to simple yet stylish pieces is in their details: My baggy boyfriend shirt can be worn loose or knotted at the front/side, and my jeans have my absolute favorite distressing. I wore my other pair into the ground so these were a godsend. I know I'm known for my crazier getups, but sometimes minimal is good--necessary, even.

photos by Ron Khy



  1. Those jeans are so sick. You look amazing.

    xx Alisha

  2. I love how simple this look is, but still very cool!

    Much Love, M

  3. Can't live without my backpack, so convenient!



  4. Amazing jeans, love your Birkenstocks too! x

  5. great easy look! x

  6. what a rawk outfit! Your jeans are too fab!

  7. I'm loving oversized back packs at the moment!


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