Three Modern Muses jumpsuit. MOJO backpack. Birkenstock sandals.

Here's an early look at a Coachella Weekend 2 outfit (I know I tweeted I didn't want to go to Weekend 2, but now I miss Weekend 1 so much I have to go back). A comfortable and stretchy jumpsuit that makes you feel like you're wearing pajamas and a lightweight, sturdy backpack go a long, long way for desert days.

How was everyone's Coachella? I know a lot of my readers are international, but I hope those of you who went had a blast. This was the first time in six years I didn't attend the actual festival itself and instead just went to the events and parties. I honestly had the time of my life (and I never say that!) with old and new friends. I felt so happy and content with the amazing experiences and people in my life and I came back with a newfound appreciation for everything I've been given. This is how every vacation should be. Definitely looking forward to the upcoming weekend.

Also, if you're 21+ and having serious Coachella withdrawals as well, swing by my Midchella party tonight! Click here for all the info and to RSVP. See you soon!

photography by Edward Pepper


  1. Soooo beautiful! I wish I looked like you!

  2. Really love your sandals!

    have a nice day,

  3. Nice post if you want check my last outfit post
    With Love Daphnia xxx

  4. I already saw your outfit on Lookbook but the extra photo's are lovely. Really like the 5th photo, it reminders me of a scene from a adventure film. Science fiction like but still natural if that makes sense? Maybe it's your hair that gives it the modern twist...

  5. Birkenstocks are such a versatile pair of shoes.


  6. These are badass pics. Lov it, amazing!

  7. looks so comfortable yet stylish!

  8. This is so chic!