White blazer (similar here). Backstage dress via Dailylook. Black Orchid jeans. Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Jump From Paper bag.

Good morning, creatures. I've been zipping around trying to handle three concurring group projects, studying for finals, working, blogging, and then there's my 24th birthday coming up (tomorrow, yikes). I'm taking a three-day vacay to San Francisco for my birthday...simultaneously a much-needed break and an irresponsible decision to not be studying more. It's a contradiction characteristic of all the difficult juggling I have to do daily. Wish me luck.

Until next we meet xoxo

photography by Edward Pepper


  1. I love the bag! It almost looks fake lol

  2. Always love your hair! Advanced happy birthday :)

    I have a new post, btw! It`s called "CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED"

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  3. Wow! I really like your dress!!

  4. I've never get tired of jump bags, they're so sick!
    I just finished writing my finals and it's the wooorst, they were all crunched into 2 days.. how lucky is that? -_- Good luck on yours and happy bdaaaay!

  5. Beautiful bag! it reminds me to the cartoons, maybe those black thick lines are the reason. The dress is really beautiful! Good luck with your finals!


    Her Place at The Universe

  6. It's such an interesting outfit! Love it!

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