understanding coats

AGAIN Collection top. AGAIN Collection skirt. Vince coat (similar here). Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

I got this coat in December or so for NYFW plans in February, but the polar vortex thing happened and winter weather in NY was especially brutal, nearing zero degrees Fahrenheit. I had to cancel my trip. Since LA temperatures never warrant coat-wearing, this beautiful coat hung unworn in my closet for four months. I was pretty excited to wear it this trip, and honestly, it was a lifesaver. It was 50 degrees in NY in the daytime--warm and sunny for New Yorkers, but chilly as heck for me. This coat made me able to wear a miniskirt twinset with bare legs and be totally okay. Speaking of this twinset, I picked it up when I dropped by the AGAIN Collection offices in LA. How incredible is this fabric? Eleanor at AGAIN divulged to me that the designer painstakingly sources unique fabrics and then uses them as inspiration for her designs, not the other way around. Her focus and intentions are apparent in every piece; I'm especially in love with the newest collection. Check it out here.

photography by Janice Thi Tran


  1. You're really gorgeous! Beautiful shoes.


  2. Everything about this look is perfect <3

    The Quirky Queer

  3. Absolutely perfect. I love your darker outfits and I think this is my favourite so far.


  4. i love this outfit and i appreciate your eyeliner in the last photo even more.

  5. that fabric is absolutely amazing and i love that it's a two piece accented with that gold zipper. it's definitely unlike anything i've ever seen. i wonder how it's made.


  6. literally love everything about your outfit
    and your hair
    and your makeup
    oh god <3

  7. OH MY GOD! You just taking my breath away with your style. It's awesome!