crochet and bells

Crochet top. Dailylook bellbottoms. Love + Leather necklace. UNIF hat.

Bellbottoms are my secret obsession and my key to looking long and lean--I especially appreciate this as an extremely petite girl. I think these bells were marketed as (really chic) workout gear, but I wear them out with normal outfits. They're also comfy enough to be PJs, so you can basically don them around the clock, which is what I've been doing lately. If you ever needed a pair of pants to live in, these are it--I need a comfortable and stylish pair of pants to spend 18 hours a day at school in. Finals week is next week and boy, the struggle is REAL. I can't wait for this semester to be over so I can get my blogging schedule back to normal (don't I say this every semester?).

Until then xoxo

photography by Edward Pepper


  1. love he look , and believe me everybody say that at the end of each semester i'm in my stress mode too!!

  2. honestly thought that said balls at first huehue
    loving your bellbottoms tho!

  3. Love this look and your hair. Edgy and old school


  4. Your fedora is giving me life! x