downtown loving

Black Orchid denim jacket. Rails flannel. Black Orchid jeans. Shoes (similar here).

The easiest of easy outfits for a long day of errand-running/fence-hanging in downtown Los Angeles. I'm wearing my favorite staple pieces that I don on the regular: Rails shirts that are so soft they feel like they're made for babies and my various rock-and-roll inspired Black Orchid denim pieces.

Side note: I'm pretty amazed at how great my hair looks with no styling; I surprisingly don't miss my 9 inches of hair at all. Stay tuned for an upcoming hair & makeup beauty product post in the upcoming days. Ask and ye shall receive--this long-awaited post is going to have all my hair tips and secrets and I can't wait to spill them to you.

photography by Randy Tran


  1. I love that with your new hair, these blue tones throughout your outfit are looking even more amazing complimenting your hair! I really wish my hair was that easy to work with without any product, since yours looks amazing. I love this simple outfit, white bottoms are really understated sometimes and you do them so much justice!


  2. love your stile awesome look!

  3. A really simple and clean outfit :) I love your new hairstyle as well as hair color!
    xx Tina

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