h&m x feral creature

All pieces from H&M.

Although my collaboration with Lookbook & H&M was to show you their summer styles, what I love about H&M is that every single line has something for everyone's tastes...even those of leather lovers and black clothing addicts. It was very difficult for me to choose one single outfit from their Divided summer collection--I was torn between minty fresh pastels, swingy boho pieces, and dark, structured staples. The darks won in the end but I couldn't be happier. With faux leather + suede colorblock motos, structured bags, and heavyweight, form-fitting maxis, this collection is a winner year-round.

Check out their new summer collection in stores and online, and now if you sign up for H&M's Fashion Newsletter, you can get an extra 20% off.

photography by David Hajoo Choi


  1. I love that your outfits always pair so well with the locations that you choose. I could sing high praises all day about your impeccable style and taste, and the relevance and immediacy of your look. Absolutely perfect.


  2. Great outfit!
    I sometimes like to look semi-dark too in the summer! Just today I wore a super highwaisted black pencil skirt with a black crop top. Really annoys me when some stores only have happy colors for their summer collection. I mean, I sometimes like happy pastel-ish colors but I'd like to have the option to choose!


  3. I love your hair! I wish my work would let me get away with something as ethereal as grey. Love the outfit too

  4. This outfit is so perfect and really compliments your hair! I love it. x


  5. I always find something good in H&M, the Divided collection is amazing. I particularly love the handbag and the jacket here, and your hair colour is gorgeous! xx

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