Saturday, June 14, 2014

wild west

Pylo is one of the best new shopping destinations on the web. I had the honor of going to their launch brunch a couple months back and had a peek at their offerings back then--I knew good things were in store. I like that they have a private label in addition to other brands. The owners of Pylo have been in the denim business for 30 years and are expanding their line to eventually include every type of clothing imaginable--all eco-friendly and designed and made right here in LA. Their vibe is very boho and free-spirited, perfect for feral creatures like you and me! One of their buyers is my good friend Jill--I definitely take notes from her boho style regularly and shopping at Pylo is kinda like shopping in her closet. It's a win/win.

photography by Randy Tran



  1. That necklace is really really beautiful! love it!


  2. i usually don't like fringe, but the fringe looks so good on you!

  3. always love your style and your hair, especially your fringe dress! Too cool! <3

  4. Love this dress, the accessories and the location. You always coordinate your shoots and outfits so well and I am forever blown away by your style.


  5. In love with the dress!
    Awesome look.

    Much love, M

  6. So in love with this outfit!
    The dress is gorgeous <3


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