Tularosa is a newly launched brand, one that's sister to Lovers + Friends. It is legitimately one of my favorite brands at the moment and I was lucky enough to get this dress as soon as it (and the brand) hit the web. I haven't been able to stay away from this dress for very long since I got it and it has cued many an impromptu iPhone photo shoot in random staircases...

I've actually been shooting photos on my iPhone with more art direction and vigor recently but felt frustrated that the iPhone was my only medium, since I didn't have a DSLR. So...I bought one! Yesterday, in fact. I overnighted it so it would arrive just in time for my departure on Tuesday--expect lots of cool photos and videos! Yes, I am finally starting my YouTube channel! I'm on a crash course to learn how to use this camera and various programs so hopefully everything comes out alright. It's a big and thrilling task.

Rosella Maxi Dress by Tularosa
photography by Aimee Nicolas


  1. OMG such a gorgeous kimono, and the back?!?! Love! C x


  2. That dress is gorgeous! I love the open back, I was not expecting that! And the location is just magical


  3. this kimono dress is perfect, you look great!

    love your newest follower <3 velvet-daisy.blogspot.com