Wednesday, August 20, 2014

heaven is in a valley

Heaven is in a valley, in the form of a much-needed oasis tucked away in a valley with 360 degree lush mountain views. 

I arrived at The Bell in Phuket while it was raining again (I personally love the rain, but for those who don't, I suggest avoiding monsoon season) and I felt like the muffled rain highlighted the extraordinary peace and tranquility I found only at this resort my whole trip. The Thailand rainstorms I experienced were heavy but surprisingly short--each lasted only about half an hour. I was always assured of pool time. The villas at The Bell have private infinity pools, so you can sleep, swim, and relax in your villa. You can also get in-villa Thai massages and Thai cooking classes, both of which I happily indulged in.

Andrea Iyamah swim. Sheek Shat iridescent prism glasses.

The decor at The Bell was as beautiful as its vibes. The one time we felt like leaving our amazing villa, Natalie and I had a drink at Zhong, its all-in-one restaurant, lounge, and concierge.

Even though The Bell was isolated from the world, and our villa was isolated within it, we were provided with around-the-clock care and attention. The Bell was such a welcome rest from the craziness of city-hopping from Hong Kong to Bangkok.

What I'm wearing:
Andrea Iyamah swim.



  1. I think that hotel room is the most vibrant and gorgeous hotel room I've ever seen! Truly beautiful photos!

    Diane ||

  2. Love your swimsuit!

    Sophia //

  3. what a beautiful hotel! you don't look too bad in neon! ;)

  4. Seems like paradise! I definitely would want to stay there (and I already checked some rates lol) thanks for always suggesting great places, Eugenie! x

    ROUGH & TOUGH☯ | I`m on Bloglovin!

  5. Looking fierce af in that neon swimsuit! Really enjoying all your photos!


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  7. Wauw this place is just, wauw!
    Love your sunnies they are so cool.

    I nominated you for the very inspiring blogger award.
    Hope you don't mind checking out the post on my blog :)

    Much Love, M

  8. Wow it looks really beautiful here, I love the swimsuit.

  9. What an amazing and colourfull pictures! I love them all

  10. I loved the story and models in swimwear, colorful and full of emotion, where the photos were taken is spectacular magic. Congratulations on the reportage


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