the kee

First stop in Thailand: Phuket.

Natalie and I flew to Phuket from Hong Kong and landed past midnight. We had some hotel issues so we decided to check in early and pay for another night at our next hotel, The Kee Resort & Spa.

I had the luxury of experiencing both the "standard" and the "suite" rooms, and also playing the role of the weary traveler and the blogger aka press/media. The room you see above is the suite. It is almost exactly like the standard room, except it has a balcony with a view and a much less private bathroom (it was basically enclosed with closet doors). 

The hotel's wi-fi left much to be desired. My last two posts were actually initially one post, and I wrote it at The Kee. I spent an incredible 14 straight hours on that one post. It's worthy of note that The Kee is kind of like a Vegas hotel in the sense that guests only really sleep there. There's so much to do around the hotel, both during day and night, that the wi-fi provided on the ground floor (which encompasses the lobby, pool, and restaurant) is sufficient for simple tasks. However, Natalie and I needed to work. I felt a little crazy at the end of that 14 hours.

Perhaps it was due to our checking in at almost 2 AM, which is understandably a late and tiring hour...but the service given to us the next day, our actual scheduled check-in date, was so much better than the surly disposition which greeted us upon our initial arrival.

My favorite part about the hotel was its beautiful pool, with its mosaic tiles and a bar in the middle that you can swim up to. I loved that the rooms on the ground floor had the pool literally in their backyard.

You could actually swim underneath the bridge into this area

As a lover of white buildings and aged concrete walls, something I'm still getting used to is the beautifully vibrant colors all around Thailand, even at a hotel restaurant.

Also, I had my first Thai-food-in-Thailand meal at The Kee and it was great. Tip: Skip the pad thai and go for the pad see ew.

I thought the aesthetics of the hotel were really unique: At The Kee you'll find lush palm trees silhouetted against a modern grid glass ceiling, the hotel's lobby and restaurants situated outdoors, and a lounge with a view of the skies.

On this particular day, I wanted to wear something that was both pool- and lunch-appropriate at a resort. I opted for this sheer number, with a bikini and crochet shorts underneath and jewels (including a perfume bottle necklace!) perfect for Thailand.

Dailylook dress. Dailylook shorts. Maison de Morgana earrings. Maison de Morgana necklace. Maison de Morgana bracelet.

My final verdict on The Kee? It's rated 4.3 stars on Google and 4.6 stars on TripAdvisor, and I can see why--it's really affordable, comes with all the basic necessities you need, and sits literally at the end of one of Phuket's premiere entertainment walks (read: basically a nightly block party in an area lined with bars and shops). It's perfect for the spring breaker or a bachelor/bachelorette party, but when traveling solo or with one other buddy I favor a beautiful haven that doesn't have music that sounds like it's playing at my front door. But if I ever rally together a big enough group on par with The Kee's lively atmosphere, you know where I'll be.

What I'm wearing:
Dailylook dress.
Dailylook shorts.
Maison de Morgana earrings.
Maison de Morgana necklace.
Maison de Morgana bracelet.


  1. Love the dress you're wearing!



  2. I love the outfit. It seems perfect for the weather.

  3. I love the outfit. It seems perfect for the weather.

  4. love your style, hun!
    its so feminin and girly.♥

  5. Love the sheer dress! haha and nothing reminds me more of thailand than bright yellow interiors ^^

  6. wow this looks so beautiful and so do you! I love the kimono cover up.

  7. The dress from Dailylook is everything!!!


  8. That dress is gorgeous!

    Sophia //

  9. Waaaaw great place and I also love your dress. In case you are interested in belts, check out

  10. So pretty! I love your dress!

    Diane ||

  11. Phuket is absolutely beautiful, I can't wait to see the other photos on yoru Instagram! I'm in love with your dress, it's gorgeous!

  12. You look good in everything girl!


  13. OMG!! I love ur blog, ur style and ur so beautiful
    ure such an inspiration for what I want to do!! I started my blog like 4 days ago and been working really hard on it, I would love ur feedback being so tenured in all this!!

    Have a good day and here is the link :)

  14. Love the dress!! Looks amazing on you ;)
    xx Ama


  15. You are sooo beautiful. I love your outfit !! :D

  16. Wow you sound like you're having so much fun! Jelly! The dress is really gorgeous also. I'm going to hunt one for myself now.


    Miss Eliza WonDerland