Saturday, September 13, 2014

feral creature collection for glamistree

I worked hand-in-hand with Glamistree to curate a shoppable closet collection for you guys (and obvs for me, because I am absolutely obsessed with these pieces).

Glamistree is an online retailer that has some of my favorite brands. But more than that, they have the raddest shopping strategy. You can try pieces at home for free, buy and keep your favorite pieces, and then return the rest for free. Think Warby Parker, but for clothes. They also have a very responsive customer service sector. Online shopping made even more convenient and personal...I'm so into it.

It was so great working with them on curating this collection. These are my personal loves, styled by me, modeled by me. You can either go the try-before-you-buy route to see what individual pieces you want or you can buy the entire look together for one price. I made sure to keep all the looks $300ish or less (the prices you see on the site are for the entire look!). Check out the first 15 looks below; click the photos/text to see them on the site. And keep an eye out for more goodness in the upcoming weeks and months!

hair and makeup by Tori Nicole
photography by Viktorija Pashuta



  1. all these clothes look amazing! great job! x

  2. Wow, this is amazing. Such uniq and beautiful pieces, all of them. Great job! xx

  3. Your style is stunning. Beautiful photos & I love the whole collection you selected!

    Xoxo, Shelly

  4. Wow, this is so amazing! These clothes are wonderful. You have such a great and diverse style <3

  5. Oh my God! I love your style! I love you!

  6. I love the items so much, same with the way you styled. But I have question, we can only buy the whole outfit? not some of the items alone? because I can't invest 300 in an outfit but I wouldn't have any problem in buying some of the pieces.


    Her Place at the Universe

    1. Absolutely! If you try before you buy, you can get your whole outfit sent to you for free, you pick whatever you like, and send the rest back for free. You're only charged for what you keep :)

  7. Eugenie! I love all the outfits and am so impressed, it seems like you put a lot of effort into it and it really shows! Your makeup is flawless too. Do you know what your mua used on your cheeks for bronzer by any chance? It looks so awesome.

  8. i was going to pick one and say that was my favourite
    but i genuinely could not
    and you look REALLY good with your half half up

  9. Gorgeous looks <3 Love the sweater in your first outfit!

  10. Amazing, i love it all, they are so beautiful and very unique. Its just really sad that Glamistree is not shipping outside USA. I would really love to buy some of the pieces and outfits.
    is there any possibilty that i can buy some, even though i am from Denmark?

  11. Stunning collection... love all the items...

  12. I'm so in love with these outfits that I can't even decide on a favourite
    S xx

  13. I just can't pick which look I love most - I love all of them!! Truly amazing looks <3


  14. Amazing collection, I literally love all the pieces!
    And you look stunning in these pictures.



  15. Your shoes in each of these pictures are all seriously killer and amazing. Love them all!

    Diane ||

  16. wow ,I can not get enough so damn sexy-Paul

  17. Beautiful clothes that real people would/could wear! Bravo!


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