zazzle for iphone 6

The iPhone 6's tagline is "Bigger than bigger." So, by that logic, you'll need a phone case that's better than better. Enter Zazzle. (Pic related.)

Quirky cases with character are my thang; I currently have two faves in rotation: One is my best friend's artwork in case form and one is a huge rubber Totoro. When I found out I could preorder a Zazzle case for my future iPhone 6 before any other retailer I came across, plus customize it, I jumped on that opportunity quick. I got the Tough Xtreme case, complete with a customized photo back. I used the same photo as my current wallpaper:

It's my baby Waffles (who I currently miss something terrible, by the way, since I'm away in New York). I got the Tough Xtreme case because I've been traveling every couple weeks and my phone has kind of been going through hell. The screen has also been shattering more times than I'd like to admit. But for those of you who don't abuse your phone like I do, Zazzle has many other options here. After watching/reading up on the press release of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iWatch, I'm even more excited for my new goodies. My phone basically serves as my computer so finally upgrading my phone after about 3 years would be incredibly helpful. Which gadget are you getting?


  1. definitely looking forward to getting the 6 too! i've had my 4s for so long....

  2. Cute Waffles! Wear the letter rings of them hun xoxo

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