Sunday, October 26, 2014


Two things I love in this world are fashion and making myself look creepy chic. It just makes sense, then, that Halloween season is one of my favorite times of the year. Halloween normalizes weirdos like me. I'm kicking off my Halloween festivities with this unveiling of an awesome project with BB Dakota! All week, I'll be showing you Halloween-inspired looks featuring my favorite BB Dakota pieces. Follow both BB Dakota and me on Instagram to see my and others' daily freaky #BBDtothebone (get it?) looks! Annnnnd if you want to win a whopping $1000 BB Dakota shopping spree, follow these steps:

1. Follow BB Dakota's Instagram
2. Post your own looks on Instagram corresponding to the style dares
3. Tag those images with #BBDtothebone for a chance to win a USD $1000 BB Dakota gift card

Winner will be announced Friday, October 31.

Super easy, super festive. I am beside myself with excitement to show you my freaky faces and see yours too! Good luck!

What I'm wearing:
Coat, top, and culottes from BB Dakota.

photography by Sylvia Gunde



  1. Love the look! you look so edgy!


  2. Loving the colors in these pics! Your outfit is soooo stylish and cool! <3

  3. gosh, that jacket is amazing and your eyeliner/nails/total look too.
    I like to be a bit Trojan Horse on being weird by the cute-girl-next-door-look but sometimes I amp it up by weird accessories or temporary hairdye

  4. This outfit is amazing! <3

  5. in love with that coat!!!! <3 <3

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  6. The coat is so rad! Especially with the tie-dye details!

  7. <3 the COAT!!! <3

  8. <3 the COAT!!! <3

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