a dog named human

Last week, I had the honor of experiencing #emptyLACMA and the new Pierre Huyghe exhibition three days before opening day.

LACMA and Instagram partnered up to bring digital influencers the #emptyLACMA experience. I've been a patron of LACMA since I was a kid, so it was awesome to have this exclusive experience. We had breakfast and walked around the museum an hour before it opened. It's actually one of the best exhibitions I've seen to date, full of different mediums of art, interactive pieces, and live installations. Like, actually alive. There's a dog named Human, a beehive on the head of a statue, multiple fish tanks, and a guy with lights for a face. I'm going to pay it another visit before it leaves LA; I highly recommend experiencing it for yourself! You can find more info on the exhibition here.

The LACMA campus itself is a work of art, so after #emptyLACMA Randy and I took the opportunity to shoot photos around the museum. I'll never get over the beauty of this place.

The Look:
Cosabella belted robe.
YesStyle dress.
YesStyle infinity scarf.
Samantha Wills necklace.
Samantha Wills ring.
Samantha Wills earrings.

photography by Randy Tran


  1. Looks like a great exhibition!
    And needless to say you look great too.


  2. what an amazing exhibit, and you look stunning.

  3. I have always wanted to check out LACMA. I hope I get to see this exhibition before it leaves.

    --Wicked Being

  4. Wow it looks amazing.

  5. Oh wow I love all of these photos, that exhibition looked amazing and I love your outfit too <3

    The Quirky Queer

  6. You are breathtaking!