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Just because the holidays are approaching doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the comfort of sandals. And just because it's still warm as heck in LA doesn't mean you have to sacrifice cozy threads.

I never understood the socks + sandals thing until I got hooked on my first pair of sporty sliders...and now I can't get enough of the trend. I'm a big sporty outdoor gear kinda gal (i.e. Nike, The North Face, Teva, etc.) and it's so dope that Teva is perfectly on trend. I remember my family, children and adults alike, wearing their ultra-comfy sandals; it's exciting that I'm carrying over an updated, refined tradition into my adulthood. Socks + sandals are great for any weather, but it's especially on point for fall/winter in LA--or rather, "fall/winter". LA's bipolar, paradoxical weather makes it difficult to style outfits, but I'm all about cozy ensembles finished off with pairs of Teva sandals and Woolrich socks. Not gonna lie...shooting this cuddly holiday outfit made me so sad I'm not spending the holidays in the States. I will be gone all next month! This is the perfect December outfit and life in it just won't be the same when I'm not home.
You can find this perfect marriage at, and select Urban Outfitters locations. 
What I'm wearing:

photography by Randy Tran


  1. wow!! the picture are soo beautiful ....and have that warm Christmas felling

    but i'm not sure about the shoes and socks
    oh and i love your hear is a little longer now right?

  2. i swear, you can pull off anything!

  3. Love the outfit, i think you've paired all the colours perfectly!
    ellenor x

  4. Where is this shoot located?

  5. I love all the patterns, I think I will try to wear socks and sandals ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

  6. Love this beautiful jacket !

  7. These pictures are incredible.

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  8. Beautiful photos! You look awesome.

  9. Lovve love the look, especially the colours, and the location <3

    The Quirky Queer

  10. solid construction/hand-sewn accents give this fashion designer attire a solid sense of style.. check out at

  11. Love it. Looks so comfortable and cozy. Love the socks.

    Eea P