wake up in tokyo

Tokyo was pleasantly cool and not freezing, like I had been anticipating. It was a nice segue into the icy climate of Seoul. This trip taught me a lot on how to wear layers to stay warm and still be fashionable--I always told my friends I didn't know how to layer because I was born and bred in Los Angeles and what are seasons, really? If I had more time here I'd film a tutorial on things to pack for a trip across multiple climates (Tokyo was cool, Seoul is literally freezing temperatures, and Hong Kong will be pretty warm), but I'll leave you with the following:

- Pack Uniqlo's HEATTECH long sleeves to layer underneath clothing for warmth without the bulk. Plus, they're cute enough to wear on their own.
- If you're going to pack gauchos, culottes, or loose pants in general, plan to wear leggings underneath so the breeze doesn't blow up the leg openings and make you feel like you're just out in your undies. I folded my leggings up so my legs would still show where my pant legs end.
- Pants or leggings underneath maxi dresses make for another good way to layer your bottom half (a typically difficult feat).
- Turtlenecks underneath said maxi dresses are great for when you have a pretty dress but there's no way you can layer without the underneath layers showing (i.e. the dress is too low-cut, too strappy, or sleeveless). They automatically make a summer dress winter-appropriate. If mixing colors is confusing, stick to black on black.

Happy layering!

The Look:
Tularosa coat.
Acne Studios sweater.
Uniqlo HEATTECH long sleeve.
Leather gaucho pants (similar here and here).
Off Duty by Joe's leggings.
Wide-brimmed fedora (similar here).
Samantha Wills necklace.
Acne Studios boots.

photos edited by Randy Tran


  1. Cool, nice tips! Saw your instagram post about these tips and I just had to check. It's currently almost freezing here in the Netherlands so I'm going through my wardrobe for interesting winter combinations.

    Legging/tights combi with maxi dresses is awesome! I like wearing maxi's during the colder season but most people think it's summer only. I also like to wear big scarfs in a belt sometimes.

    Thanks for these tips and have a great trip!


  2. I always wear leggings underneath my jeans, one of the only things I took to heart from my mom..lol ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

    1. Nice! They don't get too tight and uncomfortable?!

  3. I love this look, that jacket is just amazing. Layering is one of the best things to do in cold weather in my opinion, I tend to wear tights under jeans as leggings can be a bit bulky. Big coats, scarves and anything like that, being super cosy is the best <3

    The Quirky Queer

  4. I really love the texture of your coat and I can't wait to see more of Tokyo :)