Sunday, January 25, 2015

dreamtats + closet sale today!

Remember the temporary tattoos you'd wear as a kid? You'd usually get them from seedy 25 cent machines in laundromats or whatever, and there were all sorts of designs: cartoons, Sanrio characters, and I remember having a teardrop one under my eye before I ever knew what it meant *cringe*.

Well, those traditions of old have definitely grown up and now we, as fashionable adults, can play with temporary tattoos once again...this time in jewelry form! I tip my hat to whoever cooked up this ingenious, affordable, low maintenance concept. DreamTats is currently my favorite on the market--their designs are minimal yet bold, subtle yet statement-making. You can put them on and not have to accessorize with jewelry for up to a whole week, but I wanted to demonstrate here that mixing tattoo jewelry with the real deal (in both jewelry and tattoos) can be a surprisingly pleasant combination.

With that, I bow out by apologizing for the weeklong hiatus. I think that's the longest I've gone without posting. My NYC trip has been equal parts wonderfully strange and strangely wonderful. I'm dying to tell you what I have up my sleeve, but I have a lot of news that I don't want to jinx just yet. However, I can divulge that today I will be having a closet sale (flyer attached at the end of this post) at Space15Twenty in Hollywood with all your favorite LA bloggers + Depop will have a booth selling goods from the likes of Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad and more + one of my very best pals Alex of Malta will be spinning a live DJ set. You should check out and download his new LP here--it's FREE! And very, very good.

Okay that's enough babbling from me, I've just missed y'all so much. See you tomorrow!

The Look:
DreamTats temporary jewelry tattoos.

photography by Randy Tran



  1. A great outfit ! :))

  2. really love how the dress looks on you!
    and love the way you mixed the temporary tattoos along with your jewelry and your real tats!

  3. Such a gorgeous dress, your hair is unreal too! X

  4. Oh woah I love this look, and the tattoos. I bought some recently but I need the right occasion to wear them. These photos are making me long so much for sun <3

    The Quirky Queer

  5. Gorgeous! Love the color of your hair :)
    xx Cara

  6. Nice dress!!


  7. Gorgeous dress! I love the tattoos!


  8. I loove the dress and tattoos!

  9. I love this outfit so much! Romantic dresses like that combined with booties are a big win! <3

  10. It's the 1st time I literally LOVE those temporary tattoos on somebody! x

    - Lola /

  11. This is so beautiful dress.Totally love your accessories!...

  12. Awww I need to check this blog more often. I missed this sale :(


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