skincare sunday: tatcha

Skincare is such an important routine in my life. Growing up, I had terrible, terrible skin. I had really bad acne, super oily skin, and unfortunately had the nervous habit of touching/picking at it. As an adult, my skin has cleared up, but it's in this weird in-between phase where my skin type has become oily/combination and I get random bursts of adult acne.

I alternate between using salicylic acid/benzoyl peroxide products and stuff that's a lot gentler on the skin, depending on what temperament my skin is in. I've been using the latter as of late, since winter gets harsh on my face and it can tend to get flaky--no more unnecessary irritation, please! Tatcha is a skincare line that pampers my face like a princess. If you didn't know already, Asian skincare is seriously the best on the market. Using Tatcha has made my skin luminous and dewy (not oily), as if it's glowing from the inside. I've had zero irritation and I feel clean without feeling like the top layer of my face has been stripped off from chemicals. I'm hoping to incorporate these into my spring and summer routines, if my face permits.

These are my current staples on rotation--what are yours? Please share in the comments!

The Look:

photography by Randy Tran


  1. I've had a very similar skin journey, i used to suffer from acne but it's cleared up now apart from a breakout every now and then, Clinique has done wonders for me!



  2. I look for products with those two acids as well! I've never head of this brand but will give their products a look!


  3. Asian skincare's the best (for me at least). Currently loving Hada Labo lotion/toner and foaming face wash, Japanese sunscreens, and every sleeping mask ever (AmorePacific and Sulwhasoo are lovely). --Angela

  4. I've never heard of this product line before but I'll give it a try since my skin type is similar to yours.

    One of my staples is witch hazel because it gives me the same results as regular toners but is more gentle.

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