earth day

I've been increasingly more active as of late (although you'd never know it from my Instagram because I'm still figuring out a non-cheesy way of posting my real-time fitness updates) and I've been virtually living in activewear. Threads 4 Thought is one of my favorites, and a perfect candidate to introduce to you on this day. Not only do they make really cute, really comfortable workout gear, they also are incredibly environmentally and socially conscious. They use sustainable materials, ethical manufacturing processes, and treat every day like it's Earth Day by practicing charitable works all year. I'm really tickled by the fact that they turn water bottles into clothing--my jacket alone recycled 46 water bottles!

On top of all this, I've partnered up with them to give my readers a whopping 30% off until the end of April. Just enter the code FERALT4T30 at checkout.

Living in an environmentally destroyed place has really opened my eyes to the desolate state of our world--Los Angeles is completely stripped dry of water and I wouldn't be surprised if it were uninhabitable in mere years. It's extremely depressing seeing the LA river completely barren, or hiking and seeing what was once lush green is now brown and dry as hay. I urge you to look up the plights of your respective environments and take action to help Mother Earth starting today. She can't thank you enough.

Happy Earth Day!

The Look:
Threads 4 Thought jacket.
Threads 4 Thought sports bra.
Threads 4 Thought shorts.

photography by Randy Tran


  1. Such mindful words, i can tell the environment is important to you, we should all be taking steps to help it, happy earth day xx

    Dana || Fashion Dew

  2. Love it!!

  3. I'm glad you're getting into exercise and fitness!

    ↠Mondays & Mimosas↞

  4. Omg this is magical!!! Work out clothes made from recycled materials-- my absolute dream!!!!
    Such a beautiful pattern in this one. Oh and I am actually starting my own fashion design company called French Funk which I plan to manufacture using recycled materials and all natural products. Check it out if you'd like at!

    Kisses from

  5. Love this look! The print is so bold and colorful!

    xx, Diane ||

  6. What a cool brand.
    Love the look!

    Much Love, M