by the horns

Holy crap, I have been so busy. Worked has picked up immensely this past week (not that it ever slowed down), and I am trying to squeeze in all the cool projects I can before I start my dreaded fall semester. I don't remember what being chained to a desk is like and I am not looking forward to that aspect of school.

In any case, I'm tackling life a day at a time, and today finds me flying to NYC at night! New York is home for me and the fact that I haven't been in it in two and a half months is mindblowing. Remember when I used to be there every other week? I'm trying to get back on that schedule. Wish me luck.

Get connected with me on Instagram and Twitter to see what this week's project in NY is all about. The next time we meet, I'll be in the city!

The Look:
All Saints blazer.
Nasty Gal tank.
JAKIMAC harness.
Nasty Gal necklace.
Proenza Schouler shoes.

photography by Randy Tran


  1. Cool look! Great shoes! Don't worry, there's still a whole summer before fall semester!
    Pay with Polka Dots

  2. Sorry work has been so busy! I hope you enjoy your summer ^_^

    Laila | Townhouse Palette

  3. I feel this shouldn't work but it totally does!

  4. This look so reminds me of a look my friend wore the last week of classes, this makes me love it even more! You can do no wrong! Good luck on your upcoming, busier schedule, don't worry, you'll rock it out like you always do ;)


  5. You look so good! I love your shoes; they're amazing! Have fun in New York!

    xx, Diane ||

  6. You are by far the raddest chic ever. I LOVE THIS NECKLACE! And leather shorts? Okay too cool!
    Can't wait to see more of your adventures. Don't forget to breathe!

  7. Fabulous outfit! Everything works flawlessly. Great post!