blue jeans, grey sweater

Nothing feels quite as right as a super simple, comfortable, no-fuss look. Slippers included. Remembering this outfit brings a pang to my heart because I sadly left this beloved sweater on my plane to London. It's probably my most mourned airplane loss to date. :(

Speaking of traveling--guess what. I'm off on another adventure today! Surprise, surprise. I'm headed to the desert (Joshua Tree, to be exact) to hang with pals and just have some serious R&R time. And maybe be able to finally catch up on my emails. Maybe.

Looking forward to having absolutely nothing but loungetime on my itinerary this weekend for once. I'll get some cool shots to share with you all in the coming days!

The Look:
American Apparel sweater.
Joe's Jeans jeans.
CHC bag.
Wren & Glory necklace.
Yosi Samra shoes.

photography by Michelle Ryu


  1. Love this look! Can't go wrong with a good pair of jeans and a comfy sweater :)

    1. Agreed.

  2. I love this casual outfit ! No surprise - on my lazy days, I have a similar uniform: grey sweater, blue jeans, silver flats. You just can't go wrong with this :)

  3. Casual cute outfits are probably my fave and honestly i love this look loads.

    Dana ||

  4. Sorry about your sweater ;_; Have fun at the Joshua Tree!

    Laila | Townhouse Palette

  5. To bad u lost the sweater, it looks like the
    perfect fit. Love the simplicity of the look!

    Much Love, M

  6. I totally agree, combos like this are just the best! Your hair is looking more amazing than ever!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  7. your hair is looking amazing!

  8. Such a pretty effortless look! Bummer about your jumper... Have you checked in with the Lost & Found people already? May be a long shot but you never know!


  9. As I get older, I tend to gravitate towards comfy clothes. Nice outfit :D


  10. A no fuss look is still defo my favourite. You look great, and what a shame about that sweater -- it looks so comfy!

    May x • THE MAYDENbloglovin'

  11. You make jeans and a sweatshirt look so good!

  12. I love your new hair color!
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  13. Love your hair. It seriously is almost like the best accessory. You're wearing a grey sweater and jeans and yet you rock that outfit!


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  14. Love this, so cute
    x | Sasha | | <a herf="”> THE COWSLIP</a>