new classics

As most of you guys know via my Instagram, I have officially obtained the keys to my new loft! I am beside myself with the excitement of living in a spacious area that continually inspires me. I was definitely outgrowing my last place, both physically (I just had way too much stuff) and mentally (the clutteredness was stifling my creativity).

Today is the day I really begin moving in, and I feel good about it. We're halfway through 2015, and I've experienced so much in these six months: I've seen my business grow exponentially, I've met so many interesting souls, I've made stories, I've traveled the world alone, I've loved, I've lost, I've learned. I'm ready to take these lessons and move forward. This loft couldn't have come at a better time--it signifies a new chapter, a fresh start, and a haven to cultivate my self-expression and well-being. Cheers to happiness.

The Look:
New Classics Studios apron dress.
Vintage jeans.
Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

photography by Aimee Nicolas


  1. Congrats, Eugenie, I'm excited for you! Can't wait for you to start decorating, that'll be so much fun. Cheers to happiness!

    May x • THE MAYDEN

    P.S // How are you even able to pull off a piece as crazy as that apron dress?!?!

  2. SO happy to be seeing you do well Eugenie!!! Thanks for all the love <3

  3. This is gorgeous, love the hair! X

  4. Congrats Eugenie!

  5. Congrats on the new loft! Wishing you continued success. I'm sorry that you had to do all that moving stuff alone. It may sound crazy but that's what I'm working towards; a bigger space to continue my minimalistic journey. I'm much too crowded where I am.

  6. Hi Eugenie,
    I'm really curious as to how you go about moving from one place to another. Or how you started off moving out anyway and looking for a place and all that jazz.

  7. Whaaaaaaa that's the area to shoot in your loft? Super lucky! You basically have a blank canvas every morning.


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  8. I love this sleek and basic look! All white is always a killer and I admire the structural play in the design!