thoughts on my uk trip

It's easy to think that it's the big, momentous occasions that make up life. And while I don't necessarily disagree with of late, I have been stopping to smell the proverbial roses, reveling in the silent pockets between life's moments, and basking in the commonplace occurrences of day-to-day activities.

I didn't come to the UK to embark on some grand adventure. The nature of my work (which encompasses the entirety of my life) is extravagant and showy by definition, when I myself am quite the opposite. I needed a break. And I needed a break away from home--even being in the same country was too much for me. I came to the UK to do exactly what I do at home, just 5,437 miles away. I spent a great deal of time walking alone, eating alone, and reading and writing alone. Alone, but never lonely.

I made it a point to not make this a "blogging" trip, or have sponsors, or stay in beautiful hotels, or even bring proper luggage. Backpacking, if only for a week, is both difficult and so enriching. Backpacking alone, arguably more so. Besides, the masochistic side of me quite enjoys when times are tough and it feels like everything is going wrong (a scenario easily attained when traveling solo in a foreign country with no cellphone data). Tribulation is so character-building. It either proves to me that yes, I am a badass, or it helps me grow to become one. I also found an indescribable tranquility in being this lone, floating organism with nowhere concrete to stay, no plans, and almost no possessions to my name. Trips like these are both physical and spiritual journeys for me, and I definitely feel like I found myself a little more last week.

The Look:
Motel coat.
Acne Studios moto.
Joe's Jeans top.
Wildfox jeans.
Dr. Martens boots.
Quay sunglasses.

photography by Oscar Jiang


  1. Backpacking it is tough and more so when you go at it yourself. Kudos girl since I still don't know if I a have the guts to embark on a journey like that. Glad to hear the positivity that came out of it!


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  3. This blog post was so reminsent of my journey to Africa in March alone but not lonely. Just having that's space to grow within on my own without the voices of others, help to clarify my thoughts and visions. I appreciate this post.

  4. I'm glad that you had a break in such a beautiful place! And damn, you are a badass if you're backpacking that many miles away from home!

    xx, Diane ||

  5. The purpose of your holiday and the way you view it is beautiful.
    I wish I had the courage to just go, alone.

    Beautiful pictures.

  6. welcome to the uk!

  7. These photos rock! You are so badass for doing it on a phone-- I recently decided to just drop everything and hand mine to a friend for a shoot a few days ago too! Love it can't wait for more

  8. Such an inspiring post. Usually when folks travel they make a list of the historical sights or specific points of interest. I like the idea of being a more concentrated version of yourself when traveling with less distractions and I hope to experience this as well.

  9. Always good to turn off the noise and focus on the now xx

  10. Awesome post. I used to follow you only on instagram and lookbook just because of nice photos and cool style, but nowadays I find myself reading your blog more often because I really enjoy the way you write.

    Thanks for the inspiration!