ssense x off-white

I had been long awaiting the perfect location in which to shoot this rad unisex shirt (a perfectly oversized tee dress on me) from SSENSE's new collaboration line with Off-White. Sure, I could have shot it anywhere, but I really wanted to bring out the dye print and no local location did it justice.

I took it with me on my Croatia travels last week, and the pals and I decided to spend a spontaneous night in Berlin before heading back to Los Angeles. I chose the cool-looking nhow hotel on a whim...and imagine my surprise when the decor matched this look perfectly! It was the first of many really cool things about our quickie Berlin trip. We had a relaxing time walking the city streets, having burgers and beer, and hopping around punk bars (shoutout to the punk scene being very alive and very well). I absolutely cannot wait to go back and explore the entire city.

Apologies on the lack of blog updates--cell service and wifi connection in Croatia were abysmal at best. Another update on my Croatia trip is coming up next! Stay tuned!

The Look:
SSENSE x Off-White t-shirt.

photography by Gregory Dava


  1. This is sooo cool! Love the indoor chill look babe

  2. I love it when unplanned things turn out to be perfectly in sync with our agendas. You look so good, and ugh, the dye print is gorgeous.

    May | THE MAYDEN

  3. The headband really suits you! Great photos~

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  4. This shoot is fucking cool and definitely worth the wait. Looks like some funky trippy indie movie, almost like in the middle of an acid trip. Hot shoot!


    COFFEESLAG What's In My Bag

  5. This looks so cool, it all matches perfectly<3
    I want to go back to Berlin as well, love that city. Good to hear you had lots of fun!


  6. Wow, how perfect is that?! Lol.

    Really love how these photos turned out :)

  7. Killer location! You're right it needed it.

  8. I LOVE all your posts! And this one is awesome!

    You inspire me in every aspects, thanks for that.


  9. This is such a fun look! Loving all the colors!

    xx, Diane ||

  10. Such a great look! Love your style girl.

    XO, Jessi