crap eyewear x freelife

A couple weeks ago, I modeled for the Crap Eyewear x Freelife collab line.

There's a funny and really cool story to how all this came about. In case you didn't catch it the first time around on my Instagram, let me drop some knowledge on ya.

Freelife was founded by DJ duo Bixel Boys, which consists of Ian and Rob. I met Ian on a PLANE going from New York to Los Angeles in early March. He was sitting next to me, and I saw him working on graphic design stuff on his MacBook and generally being a cool artfuq and thought, yo, I feel like I could seriously vibe with this guy. Starting conversations on planes can be kind of awkward, but then we both ordered Sculpin IPAs from the flight attendant and bonded over that (because what brings people together better than beer?). A couple months later, we ran into each other at a HUF party in LA, exchanged info since we obviously run in the same circles, and present-day finds us serendipitously working and hanging together. Life can be pretty neat.

Check out Freelife's sick new line with Crap here--these frames look great on every face, and it's a limited-edition run of only 200 pairs. Don't sleep on it.

photography by Pizza Slime


  1. really love the cool chill vibes of these photos

  2. These photos are awesome! It's amazing how you meet people randomly and they become someone so influential.

    xx, Diane ||

  3. Pretty neat indeed! ;) Love the sunnies!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  4. Gorgeous vibes babe! Love the rad shades~


    Very cool and chic!

  6. This looks so nice! Love your blog.