grey wool suit

This wool look isn't the smartest for the extreme temperatures Los Angeles has been having in the middle of October (106 degrees?? What?!), but the closer my upcoming New York trip gets, the more I pine for fall--namely fall fashion.

As is apparent in most of my Instagram blogger-off-duty #OOTDs, I've always loved relaxed 'fits, be they streetwear, menswear, or loungewear. Sometimes womenswear is simply too restricting, and god forbid you break a heel. I toned down the severity of this look with a casual tank instead of a button up, topped it off with a wide-brimmed fedora, and fin. No other accessories needed.

The Look:
Ganni blazer.
Heartloom tank.
Ganni trousers.
Ganni boots.
Zara Mens hat.

photography by Randy Tran


  1. STOP! I'm so in love babe. This whole vibe rocks~

  2. Love these photos, you look like you've stepped straight out of Vogue. Also obsessed with your hair, wow.

  3. You look amazing as per! We would have to dress up warm like this for the crappy London autumn weather but you pull off the look so well despite LA heat...
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  4. Love this look. Very 'drinking a black coffee in a Bushwick cafe'.

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  5. This is so perfect! X

  6. Love the look! Sophisticated and elegant.

  7. I don't really like this outfit overall. The one thing I like is the hat. =P
    I think I'd like it more if the top was a fitted crop top vs. the oversized T-Shirt. But yeah, you look gorgeous as always. xD
    Your hair = love. haha