tyla blade

New York came, New York went, and I returned home to the sinking realization that our summer will never end (holy crap, am I ever not talking about this dumb weather?). Let us pretend for a moment that I'm NOT breaking a sweat in this gorgeous embellished neoprene bomber and thigh-high leather boot combo.

The versatility of this bomber really does it for me--it can be a jacket, it can be a dress, it is both sporty and luxe, and it's a great oversized length; even you taller ones can wear it sans pantalones. I wore it with thigh-high boots that encompass nearly the entirety of my bare leg, with perfect peeks of skin shown only at intermittent moments whilst walking. Clothing that can titillate when you're even more covered up is some kind of magic.

The Look:
Tyla Blade longline bomber.
Guess boots.

photography by Randy Tran


  1. Wow this is such a seriously rad post! You must feel like a total boss walking around NY like this! Gorgeous~


  2. I'll be complaining about the weather for eternity, too, don't worry. Loving how sexy this look is even though you're basically covered up. The bomber is stunning!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  3. You always come out with such killer fashion photos. :) Particularly adoring these knee high booties you have.


  4. Nice hair color :)