brown on brown

It's finally fall in Los Angeles! This week has been so delightfully crisp and cool, nearly tempting me to turn on the heat...a big deal here. Yesterday, I was shooting a lookbook along the beach all day (the temperature is cooler along large bodies of water), and it dropped to 42° F at sundown. Insanity.

It's time to break out the winter garb, starting with this Element Eden coat and Reformation fleece dress. As much as I revel in minimal clothing, being swaddled in warmth is quite comforting. I had a tendency to stay away from browns, because they're just so boring to me for some reason, but I'm warming up to them this season. I like that this Element Eden coat is a nice burnt orangey brown. Reminds me of our upcoming Thanksgiving. :)

The Look:
Element Eden jacket.
Reformation dress.
Steve Madden boots.

photography by Randy Tran


  1. I love this look! :)

    xx Sera |

  2. ooh i really like all the different browns matching!
    i'm usually not a big fan of brown clothing either because it makes me look washed out?? i don't know the right term, but i never really feel confident in orangey-browns haha

  3. Absolutely amazing outfit! I adore all the camel and brown. Magical~
    Happy fall LA!

  4. You look pretty! I used to think like you about browns now I like that color! haha
    Check my Blog below :)
    Miss Paho


    absolutely stunning…love it!!