MOXY New Orleans

Don't you love it when a hotel is #interiordesigngoals? MOXY is a new hotel chain from the Marriott family geared towards serving millenials. This boutique hotel is beautiful in design and simple in function: you check in at the bar (!), there's no kitchen but there's a fully stocked (and super delicious) fridge of food, snacks, and drinks, and each adorable room is very Instagram-friendly.

Careful detail is inserted into every MOXY experience. From the moment you step through the automatic doors, you get a whiff of custom MOXY fragrance. The lounge area beckons with comfortable seating and a variety of games. You're greeted by a smile and a welcome cocktail.

My personal MOXY trip was made all the better by running into hotel staff after their shift on the streets of the French Quarter. Their hospitality extends past the hours in which they're clocked in--the staff members took my friends and me under their wing and showed us around cool bars and late-night restaurants. Afterwards, we came back to the hotel grounds for a rowdy game of Cards Against Humanity. I couldn't have asked for a better night.

Keep MOXY New Orleans bookmarked for your next NOLA trip--you won't regret it!

Catch MOXY NOLA on their Instagram, and tune in to my ongoing road trip adventures on mine.


  1. I adore this laid back, warm and homey vibe! Such a lovely experience!

  2. Just noticed bed headboard. how tasteful!

  3. MOXY are such a cool hotel chain :)