Saturday, October 22, 2016

Halloween is a Lifestyle

Witchy wear is just my thang, and Halloween is a year-round experience for me (you should see my house decor). I love it when contemporary brands pepper their lines with darker pieces--this particular dress by LPA from Revolve caught my eye the other day. Billowy sleeves? Check. Sheer overlay? Check. Open corset-style sides? Check, check, check. A little Old World; a whole lotta romance.

I wore my babe Samii Ryan's lace-up choker with it because it's a match made in heaven. This look could honestly do in a pinch for a witch's costume if I just add a hat. Speaking of which (or witch?), what are you going to be for Halloween?? These are my favorite days--too bad I'm spending it in bed, as I've been sick for nearly a month. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery for the actual Halloween weekend!

LPA dress / By Samii Ryan choker / Balenciaga boots

Photography by Bri Elledge



  1. The sides of this dress are so dreamy, its so perfect for this season but like for always as well x

    Dana |

  2. Love the choker!!!! Such a good look

  3. 100% Witch-tastic! In love with your dreamy cauldron style.
    I'm entertaining the idea of a modern Cat Woman costume-- zip up leggings, bustier, leather jacket, chain choker, platforms, and a simple mask <3
    Hopefully I pull it off!


  4. I am totally digging the witchy vibes!

  5. Love this dress!


  6. All about this look. Major Adams family vibes.

  7. The title alone is fantastic. Love this post!

  8. turn halloween into a lifestyle ~~


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