Taipei + Seoul Instagram Roundup

Hey creatures!

I'm preparing to (finally) leave Asia as we speak, but in the meanwhile, I wanted to do a quick Insta roundup (plus some extra phone photos, per usual) for ya. This trip has been insane and I'm way too excited to share all the adventures I went on--so I want to get started now!

1. A candid photo snapped of my #wanderkrust crew at a club our first night in Taipei.

2. From the same night. "Just one drink," we said. 3 clubs and one karaoke bar later, Fran, Josh, Rich, and I are the last ones standing. This photo was taken at 7:30 AM when we finally headed home. I don't even remember who took it...more from sleepless, jetlagged delirium than anything.

3. An epic dinner at a local hole-in-the-wall. All this was like $9 a person(!).

4. This is one of my favorite photos I've ever taken. And I'm soooo sad it randomly did so poorly on Instagram! I'm gonna chalk it up to it being posted at a weird hour for Americans. :'( Anyway, I thought the rainy streets lit up by neon lights at night were beautiful. We arrived in the middle of a serious typhoon season, with the worst part being immediately before we arrived and immediately after we left (remember the pork bun lady?).

5. Asia has a zillion cool, grungy alleys to snap a quick #ootd in.

6. Finally visited the Rilakkuma Café in Taipei. CUTENESS OVERLOAD.

7. At a wine and sake bar with Ellen.

8. A sumptuous seafood dinner of literally freshly caught everything.

9. Shopping with Mish.

10. So, EVA Air has entirely Hello Kitty-themed planes for select flights. Even the outside of the plane is Hello Kitty decorated. This was our flight from Taipei to Seoul.

11. One of our first legit Korean meals this trip. Galbi tang and mul naengmyeon...just slay me.

12. A candid moment of Ellen and me cuddling. We seem to have a lot of these.

13. These tiny, functional video games were so cute! They were literally called "mini video game".

14. Went down the rabbit hole with Ellen.

15. Another photo from Trick Eye Museum, an optical illusion/visually appealing museum. This one was just kinda weird though.

16. We tried.

17. Casually hanging out with my squad*.
*random dogs I found playing in the neighborhood

18. Every time I go to Korea, I have to get al bap, which is a flying fish roe rice dish.

19. See? Another alley.

20. Dongdaemun Design Plaza remains one of my favorite places in Korea. It's absolutely stunning.

21. I got this moto jacket in Seoul. When I saw it, I actually screamed. It was made for me.

Stay tuned for my posts on the rest of my Asian adventures!



  1. omg ok I WANNA GO TO BOTH OF THESE PLACES. I'm so excited cos I wanna move to Taipei for a year of uni next year, and just looking at your photos makes me wanna cry omg.

  2. LOVE your IG feed! This post so makes me want to travel around Asia.

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  3. Now I wanna go to Asia. Looks so interesting !!

  4. Looks so so samzing, number 14, the rabbit hole pic is so so cool, i love it?!

    Dana |